I’d like to thank you for an absolutely superb experience! Todd was great – available, responsive, highly organized & always on top of everything. We have never before had such a terrific experience with a builder. We were truly impressed - and to think we were 1500 kilometers away!

Our home looks great, and now that we’re moved in we can confirm that it all works wonderfully. Thank you so much for all your help and for our lovely new home.

Robin Warner & Jennifer McLean 

It is now over three years since we moved into our new home in the Capilano sub-division in Windsor Junction and I am finally writing to express my delight and satisfaction with the property. This was our first time dealing with new home construction and we are still thrilled with the final result. We feel very lucky to have chosen Pinehurst to build our home and specifically the opportunity to have Todd Ching as our project manager. Our neighbours in the sub-division have similar homes by different builders and have relayed many headaches with their new home construction experience. They are envious of the high quality of the construction of our Pinehurst home.

During the building process, Todd dealt with us with similar care, attention to detail, attention to us, attention to the contractors and the final product. That final product, our home, is just beautiful and we commend Todd for creating a fantastic homebuilding experience. As you know, building a home is quite an undertaking, fraught with many feelings and considerations, financial and emotional as well, involving numerous communications between the builder and the buyer. In every instance, Todd professionally responded to our concerns. He patiently answered our questions and gave us his time and attention – by phone call, e-mail, or visit. I was particularly impressed by his extensive knowledge of home construction and his ability to gainfully describe options for us.

As mentioned earlier, it is now over three years since we moved into the house and we are happy to confirm that we continue to be very pleased with our home. We have absolutely no problems which we believe is a testament to the quality of your workmanship. Please feel free to use us as a reference – we would be happy to share our experience with potential customers. And be assured that you will be the first people we call when we build our next house. Again, thanks for such a wonderful new home construction experience.

Hugh and Wanda 

It has been 3 months since we moved into our newly constructed home located in the Fairmount Ridge subdivision in Halifax. We’d like to take this opportunity to formally acknowledge how pleased we are with your work in the building of our very first home. The quality of the craftsmanship and professionalism of everyone involved in this project was truly appreciated.

Our selection criteria for a home builder was quite simple, we wanted someone who was professional, could provide custom quality work, demonstrate honesty and be patient with us during the construction period so that we had a good understanding of what was going on.

Todd, as this was our first home, your straightforward approach was important to us. During the planning stage, we were living outside of the country and we recongnize it was particularly challenging for all involved. Much of the detail, design, conversations and subsequent changes were communicated by email and phone, which made communication even more important. Your assistance during these months of planning and construction in providing timely and clear answers to our questions, as well as helping us understand some of the more salient aspects of home construction is appreciated.

We have settled in now and are extremely happy with our decision to build the house. Your continuing care and concern in addressing any questions or concerns we have had since the move has confirmed our decision to contract with Pinehurst was the right one for us. All the best in developing our neighborhood, and building more beautiful homes like ours.

Brent & Susan 

As I mentioned in a telephone conversation with you several weeks ago my wife Jean and I have been very pleased with every aspect of our buying a townhouse on Memorial Drive. First of all, I want to state that from the beginning of the purchase process last January we were impressed with your knowledge, courtesy, helpfulness, and professionalism and that of all the other people we met in arranging for the floor plan and accessories we wanted in our new home. You directed us to dependable suppliers who furnished top quality accessories at reasonable cost, and who uniformly delivered on their promises to us. Also, we found it most gratifying that you responded promptly to our numerous telephone inquires about the progress of construction. This was most reassuring, since at the time we were living in Antigonish, a considerable distance away.

From the time we took possession of our new home on June 4, we have been impressed by the quality of its construction, the design of its rooms, and its many modern amenities. It is obvious to us that a great deal of careful design and attention to countless details went into its planning. Its beauty and comfort have been a source of satisfaction and pride to us, and we enjoy showing our townhouse to family and friends. In brief, we are truly delighted with our purchase, and we frequently congratulate ourselves on our good fortune in finding this home.

Finally, I must tell you that every person we dealt with concerning the small deficiencies that had to be tended to since we moved in has been helpful, patient, and most courteous. Sincere thanks to you and to Pinehurst for a happy experience.


Sorry it has taken us so long to write, but with the closing so close to Christmas we have been pretty busy. We would like to thank you for all your hard work getting our house finished before the holidays.

We are very pleased with how everything turned out and especially happy with the trim work and the cedar in the Hot Tub room. We like all of the special additions that you suggested, such as the brickwork, front door, front step, house number and privacy fence.

Everyone, including the bank and lawyers had never heard of a house being finished ahead of schedule before. However, it was really great for us, since we had already sold our old house, to be able to move in one week early. This gave us time to get things straighten out before company arrived for the holidays. It was especially great to get the landscaping done before it got too cold. I think that we were the only house that was started this fall that managed to get the landscaping done and we will really appreciate having it done when springs rolls around.

We are starting to feel settled in now and have most of our pictures up on the walls. If you would like to come by and take any pictures or have us send you some, just let us know. Everyone who has been in to see it loves the layout and is amazed at all of the living space. It is a very unique design and I am sure that there are not many houses out there like it.

Thanks again for everything. We would be pleased to recommend you to anyone interested in building a new home.

Mike & Ivy 

I wanted to take a minute to express my satisfaction with the house Pinehurst built for me, as well as with the extra efforts Pinehurst made on my behalf.

First, the house: not only did I like the style and the layout, but the quality of materials is impressive, as are the little extras, such as rounded corner beads and mitered colonial trims. These are details which really add to the appearance value of the home, but which would be quickly forgone by a company looking to cut corners. Even my father was impressed, and he used to build houses in the 1950’s, when workmanship seemed a more highly-prized commodity.

Secondly, I want to thank Pinehurst, and particularly Todd Ching, for their customer service. It seemed Todd was always available, and was quick to respond to any questions, glitches or special requests. Todd deserves special recognition. He and Pinehurst did their utmost to ensure that I was satisfied with the product, and I am not just satisfied, I am delighted.


We were associated with Todd Ching and Pinehurst Developments during 2001 when we purchased a new house which was constructed according to our specifications. We appreciated and valued the relationship we had with Todd, who was the general contractor for the construction. Todd was flexible, accommodating and very helpful in assisting with the decisions we had to make as buyers.

We also appreciate the high quality of the workmanship in the construction of our house. Pinehurst has a reputation for quality, and we have been more than pleased with he results. Thank you Todd and Pinehurst.


We apologize for the tardiness in writing this letter. It has now been nearly two months since we have moved into our new house in Fall River Village. Choosing a home builder was a fairly lengthy and arduous process for us. Price, of course, was always a factor but honesty and integrity are just as important when making such a huge decision. We are grateful that your character displays both of those traits.

From the day of our first preliminary meeting, we were made to feel as though Pinehurst Homes was a company we could work with and trust. Other contractors were not eager to build what we wanted, but readily told us what they thought we should have built. You were willing to accept our dreams and build the house we desire.

Your contract is very detailed and explains all aspects quite well. Any changes that were made during the building phases were agreed to and signed by both parties. This alleviates apprehension that results from vagueness about any structural and cost amendments. You know what you are getting! Most of us do not like to talk about our mistakes, but the couple of minor anomalies that did occur were immediately brought to our attention and were promptly rectified. What more could anyone ask for?

Most people find dealing with home developers and building a home very stressful. But you have helped make the experience nearly pain-free and quite pleasurable. Without hesitation, we have recommended Pinehurst Homes to other potential customers and take great pleasure in continuing to do so. Thank you for our wonderful house.

Marg & Ray

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